Abstract Artist John Bolster


John Bolster is an award winning, veteran designer and the creator of Abstratica, his online gallery and orchestrated free-for-all that’s ultimately the end result of going 100% straight jacket free…

(While clients are appreciated, sometimes you have to strip yourself of commercial constraints and run naked through a field of possibilities to do your favorite work).

Here, digital design meets hand-drawn sketch meets photography meets whatever makes sense. These works are giclée art collage prints, meaning gorgeous inks and heavy cotton paper create a forever-lasting, pass-it-down piece that you should definitely frame and keep away from greasy fingers.  

The world is coming at us fast. Distraction is a given. But what do you see when you’re scattered in a thousand directions? 

There’s always something worth noticing. Something that’s yours to relish and maybe even bring home to your process. 

And therein lies the difference between a mind that’s fractured and overwhelmed...versus a mind that’s free to roam.